What People Are Saying About Cheryl's Books




It has helped. This book has been an excellent focus for my anxious little nugget and also my son who is starting to navigate big emotions. We read this book often and refer to daily about what are we feeling right now. They refer to what the books says.


Absolutely lovely!  What a fresh approach to explaining different "feelings" to youngsters!!
I purchased two copies one for my 8 year old daughter and gifted one to a friend's little girl who is 4.
I love that it goes beyond the typical "mad", "sad", "happy" emotions and helps to explain many of the other emotions that kids feel in a smart, light hearted, funny way.
It opened up conversations with my daughter and helped me to have a nice easy starting point on topics I may typically be a bit lost in regards to how to start explaining.
If you're looking for a unique book that both kids and parents can enjoy...this is it.


Every child should read this!  A poetic and funny book that gently touches on feeling ands emotions. Every child should have this book any age. I loved it and bought it for my pregnant cousin and it was a great addition to my cottage library for all the visiting children. The author does a fantasist job of rhyming each letter of the alphabet with a short sentence and a fun characterization! Love love. More to come from this author I hear, and can’t wait to read the next one!


Put this on your registry!  I was pleasantly surprised by how fun and engaging this book is. Fun for adults to read as well! We love reading this to our son. If you know someone having a baby or a kids birthday coming up consider getting this book in lieu of a card!



I wish I had this book when my daughter was young!

Emotions can be difficult to deal with for kids but this book is a great way to open the dialogue for them.

It's like you wrote this book for my socially anxious little one.  Thank you!

This book is fantastic!

This is an incredible way for my emotional daughter to identify with what she is feeling.  Excellent read.

I love reading this book to my grandkids!  It should be on the bookshelves of parents, grandparents, teachers, and therapists.  An excellent tool for kids and their emotions.





My son loved absolutely loved reading this book!

This book has a wonderful message as well as fantastic illustrations.  A winner for sure!





Our new Christmas favourite!  A sweet story that shows that maybe big business isn't always going to win.


Our son absolutely loves this story (as do we!)


Loved the book!  I had an opportunity to sit with my adult son to read a Christmas book as we have done every year together, this book was intriguing, well written and well illustrated, we were captured by who and why Santa was sacked!? Recommended reading for any age. Will be adding this to my Christmas library!


Our grandson loves this book and enjoyed reading this to us over and over again at Christmas.  A marvelous story!




Every child needs to hear this message-In a world of things, this book provides a beautiful message that giving to others, act of kindness, brings more happiness than anything.
Can’t wait to read this to my future grand babies.


This book is a good guide for learning kindness.  AJ is a good teacher for Punkybeans to learn the lesson of giving and kindness.


An excellent message showing how kindness can brighten anyone's day, including your own!


I think this book would help anyone find their happy!  I know it helped me find mine.





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